Maths Week Scotland was formed in 2017, as part of the Scottish Government initiative to make Scotland a maths-positive nation. The Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust together with the Scottish Government and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society fund a range of activities through our joint Small Grants Fund. The fund is open to organisations, partnerships and individuals that require support to participate in, or to lead the development of activity for, Maths Week Scotland at local, regional and national level including: schools, early learning and childcare providers, local authorities, community and family learning providers, parent councils, colleges, universities and Third Sector organisations. The aim of the Fund is to stimulate and support activity, participation and innovation during Maths Week Scotland.

Every year, we are a proud contributor to the Maths Week Scotland Small Grants Fund, along with the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and the Scottish Government. In 2021 we supported over 74 applications ranging from primary schools to community building, totalling over £55,000 in funding. The main theme was Our World, to facilitate awareness of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. Initiatives across Scotland included a vast array of learning activities such as outdoor maths relays, weather stations and analysis projects, orienteering, outdoor maths trails, home numeracy and maths packs, treasure hunts, escape rooms, story books that represent number, shape and pattern, outdoor maths learning materials, board games, code breaker challenges, maths circles, maths sheds, painted playground markings and designs, baking and cooking, participatory budgeting, and weather and climate change projects. Further highlights can be found at the following link:

The events we supported in 2019 were as follows:

Intended outcomes

Across Maths Week Scotland, we want people of all ages and backgrounds to:

  • Be curious, enthusiastic, confident and engaged in numeracy and mathematics;

  • Understand the relevance of maths learning and skills to their lives, now and in the future;

  • Have access to a diverse range of events and activities promoting and demonstrating the joy and value of maths.

Typical activities the fund supports

Here are some examples of the types of activities the fund supports. The following list is not exhaustive nor in any order of priority, and we would be very happy to receive applications for other types of activity:

  • Transport provision for pupils, particularly from isolated rural schools, to attend events at universities, colleges, science centres and other activity and event locations;

  • Maths trails, treasure hunts, escape rooms, maths art circles etc for pupils, parents, carers and members of the community;

  • Maths/puzzle clubs and "puzzle of the week" competitions and certificates/prizes with family or other local schools invited;

  • Creation of a maths library in schools with games, challenges and books for loan;

  • Whole-school maths "roadshow" events or maths workshops supported with games and materials;

  • Cross-curricular projects with a substantial mathematical element, such as mapping and building a scale model of the school, or creating large-scale mathematical constructions;

  • Engagement of an inspiring speaker or activity-based demonstration eg maths performers/magicians, Bletchley Park education team, K’Next Generation, Lego, Izak9;

  • Visits to local businesses or organisations to learn about maths in different jobs and workplaces.

How to apply

The funding is now closed for Maths Week Scotland 2021. Information for 2022 will be posted here once it becomes available.

Funding has kindly been provided by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust and Scottish Government.