Through our funding schemes, we invest in, and facilitate, many mathematical activities throughout Scotland. We are proud to fund activities from school level through to research level mathematics.

Some examples of activities we have funded include:

Maths Week Scotland

We fund a wide range of activities through the Maths Week Scotland Small Grants Fund. Since 2018, we've supported hundreds of projects nationally in partnership with the Scottish Government and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. For more details, including how to apply, see our Maths Week Scotland funding section.


We fully supported the Scottish Mathematical Sciences Training Centre during 2017/18. This funding led to significant SFC investment, which now supports this excellent pan-Scotland graduate training inniative.

Conferences and Workshops

We fund a range of conference and workshop activity, throughout Scotland. Details will appear here soon.

Outreach Events

We fund a range of public lectures and Royal Insitution Masterclasses, as well as sponsoring Math Circles aimed at children aged 7 to 14, and their families.